REACH Literacy is a nonprofit organization that provides youth and adult literacy instruction and experiences for all readers through flexible tutoring programs and the innovative reuse of donated books in our beautiful secondhand bookstore in Sioux Falls.

Our experienced and passionate teachers and volunteers deliver innovative instruction and serve as positive role models and mentors for adults and youth.


We provide onsite literacy instruction as well as other programs such as:

  • Everyday English. These programs help adults to learn English as a Second Language. They may already speak or understand basic English but desire to increase their confidence in speaking and communicating in English for personal or employment-related reasons. Our flexible curriculum removes barriers and increases access to practice opportunities.​

  • BEE a Reader. This program pairs volunteers with emerging and struggling readers via Zoom. These consistent, positive interactions aim to help strengthen student confidence in their reading abilities.


Each year we give away thousands of engaging, appropriate, and high-quality books to schools and nonprofits across the Sioux Empire. Our REACH a Teacher Grants help Elementary and Middle School teachers build their classroom libraries. 

Funding for our work comes from sponsorships, donations, grants, reading memberships, and the sale of donated books at our fantastic REACH a Reader bookstore. We also host special annual events like our READ-A-THON, Summer Reading Program, and Harry Potter Birthday Party. 


Please help support these vital community programs below.


Our organization has come a long way since we were founded in 1986 as a prison ministry called The Sioux Falls Area Literacy Council.  Since that time, the mission to teach adults to read, write, and improve life skills has evolved into what it is currently - to empower adults and children to thrive through literacy education

Evolving the mission allows our organization to increase the reach and impact of our literacy partnerships and expand the scope of our literacy programming.  In 2014, The Sioux Falls Area Literacy Council changed its name to REACH Literacy to reflect how we are now reaching an even broader community across the Sioux Empire.


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Executive Director

Brooke Sieff

Program Director


Kuol Malou - President
Valerie Loudenback - Vice President
Lezlee Herdina - Treasurer
Jenny Lockhart - Secretary

At Large:
John Heber

Megan Baldridge
Rachel Clarke
Catherine Sommervold
Morgan Larsen
Linda Jass
Anita Manning

Linda Halliburton

"Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope."

Kofi Annan