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Brewhaha Re-Do 2020

Good Evening! We are so happy that you are joining us for our virtual Brewhaha event. 

Below you will find our storytellers sharing their messages, along with a video from one of our learners, Mani, about what the program has done for him. You can also view a message from REACH’s Executive Director, Paige Carda, and our board Vice President, Linda Jass.

Your donation of $50 or more helps support literacy for all in the Sioux Empire. 

Our event beer is called BrewHaHa Shandy. It is a

Lemon Shandy brewed by Remedy Brewing. Listen as Kelcey tells you about our beer.


Naomi Ludeman Smith

Even in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions, we can always travel!" claims Naomi Ludeman Smith. "Just read!" Naomi loves to travel, so our current Shelter at Home could have stopped her globe-trotting, but not if a good book is available. After 30+ years as a professor of Global Studies, she now serves as Deputy Director and Fund Supervisor for South Dakota Voices for Peace. She's also an affiliate professor for the Sioux Falls Seminary's Kairos Project and a chaplain for Avera@Home Hospice. You might also catch her paddling her kayak as she explores the area water ways.

Meet our learner Mani Subba. Mani is from Bhutan, but lived in a refugee camp in Nepal. Mani is married and has a daughter. He has been working at Grand Prairie Food since 2017. He started on the line and has moved steadily up in terms of responsibilities and his desire to learn. He is now a machine operator and highly respected by his peers. 

Thanks for joining us today at our

virtual Brewhaha ReDo 2020. 

Sanaa Abourezk is a Gourmet Chef, Restauranteur, Author, Nutritionist, Blogger Passionate about the art of cooking and teaching cool recipes and fighting child hunger in America and the world.

Sanaa owns and operates a popular Middle Eastern Restaurant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Damascus University and a Masters degree in Nutrition from California State Polytech University, Pomona

She attended cooking school in Florence, Italy, as well as the Cordon Bleu Baking School in Paris, France.

She has worked as a nutrition adviser for the South Dakota Department of Health, where she advised clients on nutrition, cooking, and healthy eating.

Vaney Hariri is a Culture Consultant with Think 3D Solutions. He specializes in helping businesses create customized solutions that help them address some of the most pressing issues facing businesses today, like attrition, low engagement, and generational gaps.  His newest project is Flyover Country. 

Valerie was blown to Sioux Falls like a tumbleweed from parts east including – New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Missouri.  The wagon wheel fell off here and she is so glad it did! Valerie with her husband of 37 years Kurt have three adult kids here and thankfully none are living in the basement.  Valerie and Kurt own and run Grand Prairie Foods.  Valerie believes totally in the work REACH does in our community.  She serves on the REACH board and offers REACH’s workforce literacy program in her company.  To keep out of trouble with the law, she fills her free time with teaching spinning cycle classes, Kindermusik, reading, loving her cats and dogs and traveling.

Jon Carda is the long-suffering super patient spouse of Paige, the Executive Director. If you ask him about a house in Sioux Falls, most likely he will say he has been in it.  Here is his perspective on what makes us different and the same. 

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