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REACH Your Community Through Literacy

Did you know that more than 16,000 people in the Sioux Empire have low to no reading skills? Can you imagine your life without the ability to read and write?

REACH is a nonprofit that provides literacy instruction and experiences for adult and youth readers each year through ground-breaking tutoring programs and the innovative use of donated books in our beautiful secondhand bookstore.

Our literacy program transforms adults reading and writing skills through experienced volunteer tutors who deliver innovative instruction, are passionate about education, and serve as positive role models. Adult learners feel supported in a safe learning environment for practice, exploration, and language lessons. Our BEE a Reader program pairs a volunteer with emerging readers via zoom. These consistent, positive interactions aim to provide students with a dependable role model who works to strengthen their confidence with regard to reading.

Through our REACH a Teacher Grants, we provide readers of all ages with engaging, appropriate, and high-quality books. Each year we provide thousands of books to schools and nonprofits across the Sioux Empire.

Please become part of our REACH community and help us achieve our goals.

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