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Literacy Center Expansion

This project aims to expand our current space into a dedicated Literacy Center, an area where we can teach adults to speak, read and write English.

The ability to read fluently and understand— learn from the text—is perhaps the most important foundational skill for U.S. adult citizens' health, well-being, and social and economic advancement. English literacy provides control over an immeasurable, readily accessible library of the world's knowledge and the ability to communicate with friends, family, and employers.

Through the REACH Literacy Center, we can advance Literacy, and adults can use our multi-faceted curriculum that includes computer-based training. Maximizing their learning to increase computer skills, offer opportunities for better employment, and improve life skills that make the community a healthier and more prosperous place to live and work. REACH Literacy relies on the kindness of others to help us find a place to teach and hold classes. While we appreciate the gesture, keeping consistent dates, times, and schedules challenges our classes. The key to educating adults is consistency, respect, and experiential learning. Having a dedicated space creates a consistent location for learners to attend class, and establishing a compatible site to train, teach and educate is the goal.

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