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School Supply Collection

We believe school supplies belong in classrooms - and not in the landfill - and we bet you do, too!  Each year schools and students throw thousands of pounds of new and usable school supplies in the trash, only for schools, teachers, and student families to spend tens of thousands of dollars on new school supplies in the fall. 

Join REACH Literacy to break the unnecessary consumption and disposal cycle. Participate in REACH Literacy's End-of-Year School Supply Collection. We will accept your gently used, leftover supplies.

  1. Collect your supplies.  See the list of items we can accept below.  Remember all items should be clean, safe and in good usable condition.  

  2. Sort the collected materials by category.  This step is optional, but it’s a huge help to REACH in getting materials back out to the community as quickly as possible.

  3. Discard or recycle any materials that are not in reuse condition.

  4. Feel great about doing your part to help our planet!

Have questions?  Email us at

Supplies will find their way back to local classrooms for the 2023-24 school year through REACH Literacy's grant programs for teachers and student families.

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