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REACH Literacy is committed to helping young people grow into lifelong readers. 



BEE a Reader in our Summer Reading Program

To participate in our Summer Reading Program:

  1. Stop by our book store to pick up a Reading Coloring Sheet. 

  2. Color a  book for every 20 minutes read a day. (only 1 per day)

  3. Bring the completed colored form into the store.

  4. Pick one of the NEW books from our Summer Reading section.

  5. Designate a time, find a comfy place, and READ!

  6. Color each day you read on your reading sheet.


Reading is like exercise. It's best when done daily!

However, sometimes it's hard for kids to stay motivated to read or challenging for them to know what to read next.  That's why REACH provides reading materials and resources to help support your child's daily reading goals. 

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