REACH provides literacy programming 

for adults and youth in

Sioux Falls and the surrounding area

Everyday English 

Volunteer tutors help participants grow their vocabulary and increase their confidence speaking conversational English.  Participants meet with a teacher and volunteers twice a week. Sessions are free of charge. 

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Everyday English participants and tutors November 2019

Individual Tutoring

Interested participants complete an initial assessment to identify learning challenges and establish goals. They then work one-on-one with a volunteer tutor to create an action plan to improve their literacy skills.


Tutor pairs meet in a neutral, public setting, such as libraries, churches, coffee shops, or a fast food restaurant with WiFi.  Pairs are not allowed to meet in private locations or homes due to safety and liability.

Sessions are free of charge and materials are provided. A six-month commitment is highly recommended, but not required.

Teacher Helping Student

"Pathways to Promotion" Workplace Literacy

This program focuses on improving basic skills workers need to retain present jobs, advance their careers, or increase productivity. Participants are assessed to determine their strengths and areas of challenge.  REACH works with employers to adapt curriculum to meet the varying needs of the workplace.

Improving computer literacy and basic communication skills are two of the program's main areas of focus.


Tutors meet with small groups of participants at their place of employment. This is easier and more convenient for employees and supervisors, creates an environment of support, and provides a clear message to employees that their employer is a partner in their success. 

We currently have Workplace Academy programs at Sanford, Avera, and Grand Prairie Foods.


Participants and volunteers at

Grand Prairie Foods Workplace Academy November 2019

"When you learn to read you will be born again…and you will never be quite so alone again."

Rumer Godden