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Benefits of Reading to a Child - Dr. Anita Manning

The benefits of reading aloud to children are highly documented. Exposing a child to a 10-minute read-aloud daily equals 3,650 minutes of reading every year. If the reader reads 200 words per minute, a child is being exposed to an extra 2,000 words a day. Over the course of a year, the reader is exposing a child to over 700,000 words!

On a personal note, reading aloud to your child provides a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to focus on nothing but each other. No screens, no distractions, and it provides you with a great insight into your child’s interests. After a hectic day, reading aloud with your child can provide both of you with much-needed time to wind down and relax with a good story. Books have the remarkable ability to unite people and expand horizons.


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