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Literacy is a worldwide issue.

The Ethiopian government launched a campaign to eradicate illiteracy in July 1979 under the theme called EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE! Another slogan: ILLITERACY IS LIKE WALKING IN THE DARK!

The government mobilized more than 60,000 students and teachers sending them all over the country. The goal was to eradicate illiteracy within seven years.

At the end of 12 rounds of the NLC campaign (February 1985) 16.9 Million youths and adults were covered and the success rate was 83%.

I vividly remember that we helped many people to read and write within a short period of time. The majority didn’t get a chance to go to school in their lifetime and we literarily holding their hands to help them control pens and pencils.

My favorite part was that I began participating in that campaign by teaching my family including my parents and my siblings first.

I hope my story can inspire others!


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