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Meet Molly O’Connor, REACH Literacy’s Executive Director

The REACH Literacy board of directors is thrilled to announce Molly O’Connor as the organization’s new executive director.

Molly steps into the role previously held by Paige Carda, who served as executive director for more than a decade.

“Paige has been pivotal to really cementing REACH Literacy as a vital part of Sioux Falls,” Megan Baldridge, president of REACH’s board of directors, said. “Her leadership strengthened REACH’s mission, which she helped bring to life through literacy programs, community outreach events, our nonprofit bookstore, and our new dedicated literacy center.”

When searching for a new executive director, the board of directors knew it was critical to find someone who was just as passionate about helping the community. 

“Every time we met with Molly, her dedication and enthusiasm was palpable,” Megan said. “It’s clear through Molly’s professional and volunteer work how devoted she is to truly making people’s lives better. That and many, many other qualities she’s shown to us, as well as the staff and volunteers, make it clear she’s the perfect person to lead REACH Literacy.”

Molly comes to REACH after working for nine years at Lemonly, an infographics design agency that specializes in visual storytelling, as the associate director of design and accessibility. 

Molly is a fierce advocate for accessibility and inclusion, teaching on the topics locally and on public stages such as TEDx Sioux Falls and Trendigital

Molly’s passion for accessibility lends itself seamlessly to REACH Literacy’s mission. 

“I believe that creating equity through literacy is a key component of making the world more accessible,” Molly said. “Everyone deserves the ability to read, to ensure they feel humanized and empowered, to navigate the world successfully and confidently, and to open minds and imaginations when enjoying a good book. This is a cause I’m passionate about and one that, as REACH Literacy’s executive director, I will tirelessly champion.”

Molly lives in Sioux Falls with her husband and five-year-old daughter; she and her family have been longtime fans and patrons of REACH Literacy. Molly says what drew her most to REACH was the organization’s mission to provide literacy education to adults and children in the community.

As executive director, Molly now spearheads that mission-driven work with strategic leadership and oversight of business operations, staff and volunteer management, fundraising and development, and literacy programming and outreach. 

Molly brings local nonprofit insights having served as a founding board member of Rare by Design and as board president and treasurer for AIGA South Dakota.

Pulling from her professional expertise and personal drive, Molly is eager to lead REACH Literacy into a new chapter. 

“I’m committed to fostering the expansion and success of REACH's literacy programming, especially leveraging the organization's new space for additional classes and opportunities,” Molly says. “With REACH Literacy, I’m excited to work closely with our community, donors, and supporters to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in Sioux Falls and other communities REACH serves.”


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