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What a bigger space will mean for this literacy nonprofit

Thank you to Sioux Falls Simplified for the great article by Olivia Bertino:

Simplified: Reach Literacy focuses on helping adults learn to speak and read English, as well as tutoring children and supporting classrooms. Now the Sioux Falls nonprofit is expanding both physically and in its programming.

Why it matters:

  • Reach helps promote literacy in Sioux Falls through tutoring, English language classes and workplace literacy programs. They also provide teachers with books for their classrooms.

  • The nonprofit receives over 100,000 book donations every year that they sell to help with outreach programming. About 20,000 of those books are then donated to kids, schools, non-profits and events.

  • This year, the nonpr

ofit is expanding their location in the Western Mall by 3,000 square feet. The new area will be used for additional programming, a computer lab, bookstore space and more, Executive Director Paige Carda said.

"Our focus is really on workplace literacy, and we really are working towards working with other companies in terms of solving that issue of literacy because if there were one correct fit or one right way, we wouldn't be in this scenario," Carda said.

What other plans does the nonprofit have for this year?

In January, Reach added a tutoring program with Lifescape to help with worker literacy.

  • The nonprofit is also starting similar programs with Hegg Properties and Dow Rummel. Carda is hoping to ad

d additional literacy programs after construction of the expansion is done, which should be in May.

Carda said Reach sees a lot of interest from workers in healthcare, so she plans to start a pre-CNA and pre-nursing program to h

elp prepare people for careers in the medical field.

  • The new building will also provide a computer lab and support for people who need help filling out forms, resumes, and reading online information.

"That space allows us to continue to educate folks that we're already working with and expand and serve populations in the ways we've always wanted to," Carda said.

How can I help?

Reach is currently lo

oking for classroom helpers to assist students in the English language classes. They're also looking for readers to help with their 2nd grader program, which is all online and includes reading to kids for one hour every week.

  • Carda said they also need help funding the rest of the expansion, which would in turn get those other programs up and running.

You can find more information on volunteering on the Reach Literacy website.


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